Bibliotēku pus-nakts Cēsīs

On April 24, 2015 in Cēsis, Latvia, will be held the annual event called “Library Night“. Baltic Board Game Society also takes part in this event, so we invite everyone interested to Cēsis Central Library from 19:00 till almost midnight to spend time learning and playing different board games.

The first event held by Baltic Board Game Society was on 2015.04.11 as part of International Tabletop day 2015. It was held in Riga Plaza shopping centre and we had 20 tables which were available for playing the games we provided. We also had partners who provided their own games:

* Brain Games

* Anvol

* Rimonne

* HobbyShop


In the time the event took place (10:00-17:00) all the tables were mostly full – 5 tables hosted tournaments in Android Netrunner and the others housed random visitors. We also had contests withprizes from our partners.


The first event held by the Baltic Board Game Society will be International Table Top day gaming event on April 11, 10:00 @ Riga Plaza.

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On March 5, year 2015 the Baltic Board Game Society (BBGS) gathered for the first time in Riga, Latvia, with the common goal of promoting the modern board gaming hobby in the Baltic sea region and unite board game enthusiasts from the same area.